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The Transition

A poem about living through a transition.


A poem about being in a state of clarity.

It’s Not Cricket

A poem about a football match between France and Ireland when Thierry Henry handled the ball leading to a French goal.

The Grand Finale

A poem about facing the Grand Finale.

The Big Boss

A poem about selling your soul to the Devil.

Truth Seekers

A poem about Truth Seekers.

Happy Days

A poem about trying to learn poetry but not being able to do it as the instructions dictate, so instead doing it my own way.

Lawful Rebellion

I read some information from John Harris and the People United's Community which I found interesting so wrote a poem about my thoughts.

What’s Entertainment?

I used to be a believer in ,Rock and Roll until I found out that everything is controlled in this world and used against us to weaken our potential power, including music.


A short poem about something or other and trying to figure out what it all means, including the poem itself because I haven't a clue.