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Religion or Cult?

I read about Scientology and realised that all religion is based on the same principal of believing that their book is the truth and following it is the answer to your problems.


Sometimes living in a foreign country can be difficult and I feel down so I have to remind myself how important hope is to life.

The Fear Of Love

I used to have hope that Love can conquer all if we could only mature. I have since lost that hope.

Job Application

I try to live outside the cyst-em but on occasion I get so desperate that I have to consider making a (slave) job application.

Rekindle The Fire

My wife waits patiently for my attention every night but I am too interested in the lovely ladies that appear on my computer screen.

Another Typical Night Out

I went out for a night out and fell in love with a beautiful Polish student and ended up having to go home alone.

My Karate Kid

I get woke up in the morning with my son doing some Karate kicks on me and it inspired today's poem.

Poet Billy

I agreed to write a poem every day for a year. I didn't manage but this was the one that kicked off my failed attempt.

The Bees and The Birds

A poem about me tentatively revealing my true self through my poetry. Can you handle it?

Billy Watson – Welcome to My World

Billy welcomes you to his website and recites a poem called Welcome To My World.