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Duman Live in Antalya

I went along to see Duman play live at Akdeniz University in Antalya. I recorded four songs which you can view here. I hope you like them.

Efes Blues Festival 2010

The 21st Efes Blues Festival will be touring Turkey between 1st October and 7 November 2010. It will be in Antalya on Saturday 2nd of October.

Antalya Canyon Swimming

My friend Steve and I pay a visit to a Canyon located in the mountains at the back of Antalya in Turkey. We went for a refreshing swim there which was beautiful.

Karaman Canyon Trip

My friend Joe the Caver and I got on our bikes and went on a canyon trip to Karaman Canyon and to a cave with the ruins of an old church built at the entrance to it.

Olympos and Adrasan Trip

Mack, Annelies, Dinah and myself pay a visit to the Turkish resorts of Olympos and Adrasan. We visit the Ruins, beach and the nightclub under the mountain.

Oktoberfest 2010

This is the second time that Antalya has hosted the Oktoberfest Festival.

Turkish Play – Elif Ana

I got invited to go and watch my friend Tugce Sahin perform at a play she helped to produce called Elif Ana which is on at Akdeniz University until the 10th August.

Hot Wheel Brothers Show

I went to see the Hot Wheel Brothers Stunt Show at Akdeniz University in Antalya. There were acrobas as well as car, motorbike and Monster Truck stunts.

Porcelain Shop in Kaleiçi

I was walking through Kaleiçi and spotted this Porcelain Shop.

Go Karting

One of the expats crowd, Don, organised a Go Karting meeting at a course in Antalya which is apparently the second biggest go karting track in Turkey.