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Mehmet Isikli

Mehemt Isikli, a famous Turkish artist invited me to his Workshop in Antalya. He reintroduced this style of Mosaics to Turkey after a gap of 500 years.

Ottoman Shoes

There is an Ottoman shoe shop in Kaleiçi in Antalya close to Hadrians Gate. I got to know the owner Hasan and interviewed him which led me to buying the shoes.

Antalya Ruins

I went to Antalya Ruins with my friend Steve, which are situated on the walk known as The Lycian Way. Not a lot of people in Antalya know about these ruins even though they are very close to the city.

Konyaalti Eating Area

Konyaaltı Beach is very beautiful and there are many bars to eat snacks on all along it and this is a tour of an eating area which is located in the middle of it.

Pyramid Park Day Out

My family came to visit from Scotland and we went to an Organic Market at the Pyramid Park. I interview some of the stall holders about the good they are selling.

Efes Blues Festival 2009

I went to the Efes Blues Festival in Antalya in 2009 with some friends.

The Olympos Team

I met Ebru at Adı Bar one night and she invited me out for drinks with her friend Tugce one day. We got on really well and soon formed 'The Olympos Team'.

Antalya Village Trip

Mustafa Teke of Greenhikes Tours invited me to his grandparents house in an Antalya Village for three days trekking and living a traditional Turkish Lifestyle.

Olympos Trip

I paid a visit to the ancient city of Olympos. As well as being a tourist site with regard to ruins there is also a community of travellers and a fantastic beach.

Phaselis Trip

I took a trip to the ancient site called Phaselis in Antalya, Turkey.