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Video Blog 15/11/13

I talk about trusting my own vision and asking what do I really want to do?

Video Blog 14/11/13

I talk about getting back into comedy, Project Camelot and The Alien Agenda

Video Blog 13/11/13

I talk about maybe being a Radio presenter, charity, money and debt.

Video Blog 12/11/13

I talk about Blind Poetics, Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Saville.

Video Blog 11/11/13

I talk about Wartime Propaganda, Marijuana, Meditation and Healing.

Video Blog 10/11/13

In this video blog I talk about Remembrance Sunday, Poppies, Zionists and Football.

Video Blog 9/11/13

I talk about How we are Berthed, I Had a Cry and Match of the Day.

Video Blog 8/11/13

I talk about my Job Application Form and Sovereignty.

Video Blog 7/11/13 (part two)

To Get or not to Get a Real Job? That is the question. When I say real job, of course, I mean Slave job.

Video Blog 7/11/13

In this video blog I ask - Are you in charge of your life? Also, yep Russell Brand pops up....again!