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Video Blog 5/11/13

I talk about Poppies, Rothschild Bankers, Balfour Decleration, Lincoln and JFK.

Video Blog 1/11/13

In this vblog I talk about going to the Job Centre to try and sign on for the Dole. Then to the Doctors to Register with them and the Codex Alimentarius.

Video Blog 30/10/13

I talk about going to see some live bands, Lach's Anti-hoot Open Mic Night and the Rock'n'roll myth that is sold to us as rebellion.
Empower Network VBlog 3

Video Blog 15/10/13

In this one I talk about getting a factory job, Ayahuasca, dmt and facebook haters.

Video Blog 13/10/13

I talk about Free Energy, Addiction and Metaphysical Sex, if indeed there is such a thing.
Empower Network Introduction

Video Blog – 12/10/13

I introduce the Video Blog section of the website and talk about The Empower Network opportunity.

Video Blog – 19/4/13

I watched a documentary called The Greatest Story Never Told which gives a different version of the official history of Adolf Hitler which led to an interesting discussion with a friend.

Thatcher Thoughts

I give my thoughts on Margaret Thatcher and her death.

After Hippy Party VBlog

I attended a Hippy Party and when I got home I turned the camera on and blethered some pish no doubt.

Video Blogs 2011

I think my mid-life crisis was beginning to kick in as the Big 'Four Zero' was approaching.