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Video Blog – 24/8/11

I am nearing the end of my Edinburgh Festival run as Nob Stewart and started today's gig as Nob but took my wig of and became myself when I realised the crowd wouldn't take to Nob.

Video Blog – 4/8/11

I recorded another video blog in Bo'ness before I start performing as Nob Stewart at this years Edinburgh Festival.

Video Blog – 3/8/11

I am doing the Edinburgh Festival as Nob Stewart in a few days. Here are some of my thoughts before the Marathon begins.

Video Blogs 2010

Another batch of videos where I talk about God knows what and it's probably better I don't know. Let me know if I need to be worried.

Video Blogs 2009

Some more video blogs from back in the day when no-one was listening me or giving a shit......no change there then.

Video Blogs 2008

This is the batch of video blogs I found on my hard disk from 2008. I hope I was as full as wisdom and knowledge then as I am now. ;-)

Video Blogs 2007

Some more videos that I found on my hard drive from back in the days I was reasonably presentable.

Video Blogs 2006

I started making video blogs back in 2006 as is evident by these ones that I found on my hard disk.