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Video Blog – 15/1/19

I started an 8 week comedy course with Viv Gee in Glasgow University and record some thoughts after the first week in the train station afterwards.

Video Blog – 8/1/19

I went along to Calabash African restaurant for their weekly comedy night.

Video Blog – 4/1/19

I went through to Websters Theatre in Glasgow for an evening of comedy and speed dating ran by Chris Henry.

Video Blog – 17/12/18

I made some video blogs on my way to a comedy night in Glasgow called Chunks.

Video Blog – 29/11/18

I got through my second induction day at the Food Factory and made a quick video blog on the way home. There is no getting away from it....gainful employment ahead.

Video Blog – 23/11/18

One of the reasons I returned to Scotland was so that I could get back into the comedy circuit and here I record my thoughts on the way to my first one.

Video Blog – 22/11/18

I went for a Medical at the Food Factory where I will be starting to work soon and came home with a bag of food.

Video Blog – 21/11/18

I thought I better get a job in the short term before I can get my Uber job hopefully in a couple of month so I applied to the local food factory.

Video Blog – 15/11/18

I am getting into a bad habit these days of falling down in the street.

Video Blog – 6/11/18

I am leaving Turkey tomorrow to go back to Scotland and so I headed to the Beach for a last swim before I went but it was a bit cold so I made a video blog instead.