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Video Blog – 3/11/18

As it was my last Saturday night in Antalya before moving back to Scotland I thought I would go out in town to check out the scene once last time.

Video Blog – 22/10/18

I had a bit of a sore head when I woke up this morning so rather than take my usual cure of a morning shower, I headed down to the beach to get some of nature's healing from the Ocean.

Video Blog – 15/10/18

My old friend Pat was back in town and so we arranged to meet at Barrels Bar. On my way there I amused myself by making a video blog of me rambling away in my usual manner.

Video Blog – 6/10/18

I took my son back to Barrels Bar so he can get his Potato Wedges and Churchill drink while I consume Guinness because I am obviously not fat enough.

Video Blog – 19/9/18

I was watching an episode of Ozark when the electricity to HisaronĂ¼ went down so I grabbed my camera and made a quick video blog of the scene.

Video Blog – 18/9/18

After spending a few days in Antalya with my son I returned to HisaronĂ¼ to be reunited with all my gear and figure out what I was going to do regarding my entire future.

Video Blog – 14/9/18

I left Didim and headed off to Happy Nur Hotel in HisaronĂ¼ where I could spend some time to contemplate what I would do next with my time in Turkey.

Video Blog – 13/9/18

As I prepared to leave Didim I recorded a video blog to sum up my experience there before heading off to Hisaronu for more adventures.

Video Blog – 3/9/18

My son had been at a Rock concert called Zeytinli Rock Festivali and from there was making his way to Aydin bus station where I had to hire a car to go and pick him up.

Video Blog – 1/9/18

I have been working on my E-Video Agency website for a couple of days while I plan how I can leave Didim asap. I turned on the camera and shared my thoughts during the process.