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Video Blog – 22/8/18

I went to Kuşadası to check out the scene there to see if it had more to offer than Didim.

Video Blog – 20/8/18

I recorded another video blog in the dark walking back to my apartment in Didim and came to the conclusion that it was probably time I planned my escape.

Video Blog – 19/8/18

I hadn't been to Apollo Bar since the legend that was Peter Hopcraft left Didim so I went back to see what the place would be like without him.

Video Blog – 15/8/18

I went out on the town and got accused of staring at women and asked to move away from them.....Bitches.

Video Blog – 13/8/18

I had met the Lethbridge Family a few nights previously and met up with them on their last night to see what trouble I could get them into!

Video Blog – 11/8/18

On the homeward straight after another night out in Didim I switch on my video camera and let the shit spew forth!

Video Blog – 10/8/18

Another video blog from my time in Didim after a very interesting night out at a Turkish Bar and then a Dance Bar.

Video Blog – 7/8/18

Just a quick video blog with no Cowboy Hat or excessive beer. First time for everything.

Video Blog – 5/8/18

Coming at you from Dominos Pizza where I refused to give the guy my name as I don't want records of my whereabouts noted by the system. As it turned out he just wanted my first name so he could write in on the box.

Video Blog – 4/8/18

I started the video blog tonight on my friend Peter's balcony and then continued on the long walk home.