Tims Birthday Day Out

Tim invited me back down to Dumfries for his Birthday Party so we turned up at his workshop/home.

As soon as I spotted this mask I had to stick it on for a quick video blog.

This was the room we were offered to sleep in but Emma didn’t appreciate the spiders or the dead birds wings so we decided to just hit home after the party.

Before heading to the party we went to the nearest small town, Dalbeaty, to get a bite to eat.  When there the local Quad Gang drove by.

I found the only shop that would let me in.

We took our grub back to the boat area to enjoy the view while stuffing our faces.

Then it was off to the Big Tent to check out the scene.

I’m disappointed with myself that I still haven’t managed to get my photo taken with that Wolfs head from Tim’s workshop.

Tim thanked everyone for coming and mentioned something about comedy from Billy Watson but I never pushed it and it didn’t happen.

I did manage to get oor Emma up for a wee dance.  We managed to do almost a full circle before the Gay Gordons defeated her as it was too spinny.

So we chilled out for a while as the place filled up with lots of young ragamuffins ready for a good nights hardcore raving.

Check out the video blog we made of the days adventures.

As I had a 3 hour drive we decided to leave around 11:30pm.  It really was the most torturous drive ever getting home. I was falling asleep 5 minutes after leaving the party.  I really should have stopped and slept for a while as I thought my brain was going to melt out of my ears. 

The Photos

Tims Birthday Day Out


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