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I started making video blogs back in 2006 as is evident by these ones that I found on my hard disk.

25 July

This first one in July was in a place called ‘The Ferry’ near Grangemouth in Scotland with my friend Big Andy recording. I think I had split up from my wife at the time and she was in Turkey with my son after her mother had stayed with me for 9 months and I couldn’t take it anymore.

29 November – Part One

I decided to make another go of my marriage for the sake of my son mainly so I moved to Turkey to see if I could figure out a way to survive there…or I should stay here as somehow I am still here. Not with more than a few trials and tribulations mind you.

29 November – Part Two

Here is a second video I recorded that day. I think I was using a webcam on a laptop which was obviously pretty crap compared to ones these days…hence the jerkiness.

1 December

Here is the last one I found before giving up on the idea that anyone would ever be interested in a word I say. I still question that but for some reason keep plodding on. If you are viewing this then I hope I was at least a little entertaining as I was still floundering around not knowing what I am doing really….much like the present. Some things never change eh.


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