Walkin’ The Dugs

My Sister has a Beagle which needs walked from time to time and because I am that way inclined I offer to do it every time I visit her house.

On this occasion I took my son with me and made some short video clips on the way. I told him before I left the house to wear his waterproof boots but as usual he didn’t listen so I got moaned at all the way about his feet getting wet. Tough titties as they say. He will maybe listen the next time….I can always hope.

We walked by the River Forth and spotted this abandoned boat which I inspected a bit further in the video.

As my son had gotten a bit more energy from somwehere than usual and ran with the dog, I thought it a good time for a selfie.

I took him to the old harbour area of Bo’ness where you can see Grangemouth Chemical Factory, where I used to work, in the background.

Here are the mobile clips of the walk.

The Photos


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