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Hello, I became a conspiracy theorist after watching a David Icke video over 25 years ago called Turning of the Tide.

Not long after that I gave up chasing my rock star dreams and started performing stand up comedy to wake up the masses. Watching Bill Hicks had a lot to do with that undertaking. Shame he turned into Alex Jones. I turn into my alter ego Nob Stewart occasionally so I can’t say too much.

Due to Convid 19 I started doing a livestream called Shooting the Shit which helped me interview the afore mentioned David Icke and others like Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dawn Lester and David Parker and Conspiracy Music Guru to try and get people to look at what is really going on in the world while not taking myself too seriously. I like to keep it real.

I have just released a book of funny poetry written mostly in Scottish which would make a great present for a Billy Connolly fan.

Thanks for paying a visit and if you enjoy my work then spread the word!


What is on the site?

Comedy, Poetry, Interviews & More!

There are many different things in this site as Billy has been creating art for over 30 years.  You will be invited to join Billy on stage as well as his personal life as he makes video blogs from his various travels to places like Turkey and the Scottish Highlands.

Billy write from his heart and some of his ideas or viewpoints may not be the social norm. Do not be put off by this, in fact, he thinks that there wouldn’t be much point in writing if it were just to agree with the current consensus of what life is and how things should be.

There is always more to learn and explore so he freely admits that some of his ideas may have changed or they are just expressing a viewpoint, not necessarily his, however he tries to write them in a way that will stay fresh over the years regardless of how the world itself changes.

So as long as you have an open mind to new ideas and thoughts then Billy hopes you will enjoy his work and looks forward to hearing any feedback you may have about it.

Come On In & Join The Fun!


What People Are Saying

“Not laughed as much for ages, Billy Watson’s comedy show at mad dogs bar last night, even mentioned the fact he has ginger pubes. If he is on in your area, go, have a laugh, we did. :-)”

Maz Purvis


“That was brilliant Billy. Terrific set. I loved the bit about your sister. PMSL. That’s the kind of content that takes an audience to the edge and that is what comedy should be about. Great work.”
Stephen Hamilton

Writer, Dafty News

“I saw Billy at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019, it was one of the most fun, surreal and honest hour’s of comedy I have seen followed by some of the rudest musical numbers this side of Victoria Wood. I oo’ed, I ahhhh’ed, I ggled, I guffawed. A unique and perfect Fringe experience, a man who should be on everyone’s ‘to see’ list.”

Edinburgh Fringe, Audience Member

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