Vimeo removed my channel so I am in the process of putting all the content back on the site.  Here is a sample of what will be in added in the months to come.

Spontaneous emissions from my mind straight to the computer screen.  I experimented with a computer voice for some of the vids.

Comedy skits I have written and performed and stories of my crazy antics over the years. Topics like Football, Work, Charity Collectors and Conspiracy Theorist as well as stories about Amsterdam and Jamaica.

Goodbye Mr Mackenzie, The Oh Sees, Jimmy Cliff , Turnin Brakes, Hugh Cornwell and Primal Scream are just a few of the gigs inside.

My son started making videos of him torturing me when we lived in Turkey and in continued for a while after we moved to Scotland. Over 50 videos of him having a right old chuckle at my expense.
Humourous poetry I have written and performed as Hamish McTavish, Nob Stewart and more recently as myself. Real life stories such as Itchy Willy, Funny Cunt and Porn Addict.
Comedy and poetry gigs I have performed over the years as myself.
Every Interview I have ever done including David Icke, Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan, Dawn Lester, David Parker and many more.
The songs I have written and others I have changed the words and made some videos for your entertainment.
I started writing lyrics when I was trying to form a band and have continued writing words and performing them over the years. Mostly serious and spiritual in nature.
Moira Brown sponsored Emma and myself to travel around Scotland handing out her book, Questioning Lockdown. Here are the photos, blog and videos of the epic adventure.
All the previous episodes of my Shooting The Shit episodes. These are uploaded the night after they are recorded.
I lived in Turkey for 12 years and had a successful local website there called Antalya Living where I blogged about my life as a Scotsman living in Turkey. Check them out here. It was mental and still more blogs to add.
I performed 4 open spots on Wrong Comedy Show and then managed to get 5 full shows during this years EdFest. Check out every gig in full as well as video blogs and photos of the run.
I started making VBlogs in 2006 and have done them on and off over the years. Check out my ramblings and see that I’ve always had a loose tongue.