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Iain Tough Interview

I met Iain at the SMAAPP evening in Glasgow last week and we decided we should be on each other shows.

Alison L Lowther Interview

I chat with Alison who is a writer and healer and also a friend.

Dawn Lester & David Parker Interviews

I interview Dawn Lester and David Parker who the authors of the amazing book What Really Makes You Ill.

SoarAlba Guseany Interview

by Billy Watson TV
I interview Sean who went viral back in 2011 with his videos of dealing with Traffic Police in Scotland.

Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Tom Cowan Interview

by Billy Watson TV
I asked Andrew for a follow up Interview, in particular to talk about the True Healing Conference he was organising and he asked if I would like Tom to join us. Well, of course I would.

The Nature of Reality Interview

I interview Dawn Lester and David Parker about their book, The Nature of Reality, as we launch their website and audiobook which I built and put together.

Adam Edwards Interviews

I interview Adam who is the man behind The Illusion youtube channel.

Stacey Wilkinson Interview

I had interviewed Stacey Wilkinson when she appeared with Andy Barlow on an interview but I asked her back on because since then she has been doing great things with her Profanity Gear shop and also her Stacey's World Rocks Telegram account.

Unite For Truth Interview

Andy McGovern asked if I would like to be interviewed on his Unite For Truth podcast and I was very happy to oblige. Just a pity his phone overheated and we had to start again after recording the forty minutes or so in the baking sunshine.

Julie Freeman Interview

Julie Freeman is another viewer who turned into a guest. She told me she had been in the Jehovah Witness's for 39 years and had some interesting tales to tell and things to get off her chest. I was happy to get her on and I know a lot of the viewers really enjoyed this insight into the JW cult.