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Johnny Cirucci Interviews

Giovanni "Johnny" Cirucci  is an author  who saw an interview I done with Dawn Lester and David Parker  and decided to include a few clips from it on a documentary he done called Contagion Compromisers. Through that he contacted me and asked if I would like to be interviewed and so I returned the favour and got him on my show.

Tony Sayers Interviews

I interview author and researcher Tony Sayers every fortnight. Keep up with our shows here.

Diarra Leslie and Mike Wallach Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Diarra Leslie and Mike Wallach who were the filmmakers behing the great documentary The Viral Delusion.

Peter Burnett Interview

I interview Peter Burnett about his publishing business and other interests.

Conspiracy Music Guru Interview

I am a big fan of Conspiracy Music Guru's youtube channel and although he doesn't give many interviews, happily he decided to come on BWTV.

Steven Magners Interviews

Steven Magners is an ex-wrestler, poet, author, musician and podcaster. I have appeared on his Piston Broke podcast a few times and I have included them here with the times he appeared on mine.

Moria Brown Interview – Questioning Lockdown

I interview author and researcher amongst many other talents, Moira Brown about her thoughts on the current shenanigan's and her new book Questioning Lockdown.

Dee Mani Interview

I had the pleasure of chatting to Dee about her healing journey of recovery from cancer following more herbal remedies than chemotherapy or radiation. A very interesting chat and I’m sure she’ll be back on the show sometime. Enjoy! Check out both of Dee’s sites at Dee’s Website My Way CBD Cheers!
John Carroll

John Carroll Interviews

A previous guest on the show had mentioned that who was commenting on my livestream, has his own channel. I checked it out and invited him on for a chat.

Jan Robberts Interview

I saw this post by Jan on facebook and reached out to him to ask if he would like to come on the show.