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The Olympos Bender

I went for a night out in Antalya in Turkey and stayed up all night drinking with my friend Callie, and we then decided to go to Olympos which is 70 km away to continue the party!.

Charity Collectors

I talk about Charity Collectors. This is the full sketch which includes Big Issue Sellers, New Breed of Collectors, Hare Krishnas and The Worst Kind.
I Love Porn

Internet Wanking

I bought a computer and discovered more than I bargained for when searching for something to wank over.


I rant about why I hate adverts so much and use photos to emphasise my points.
Conspiracy Theorist

Conspiracy Theorist

I talk about how I got into conspiracy theories and what it was like trying to talk to my friends and family about the new information I had acquired.

The Police

I give my thoughts on The Police using photos and music clips to help bring home the punchlines.

The Police (Nobs Version)

Nob Stewart has a rant about The Police which includes topics such as Drink Driving, Speeding, David Icke, Freemasons, Football Violence and Sleeping Policemen.

TV Licence Tangent Point

I rant about the BBC and their TV Licence in order to start a Revolution.....or actually, more of a Tangent Point.

The Marriage Matrix

Nob talks about his Married Life in graphic detail, you know, as he does. If you are easily offended I suggest you stay away from Nob as he tends to blurt out thoughts what most deem to be too truthful to share with the world at large. You have been warned. ;-)

Merry Fuckin’ Xmas

I talk about my feeling on Xmas, which include how the neighbours deliver their Xmas Cards and how they respond when I delivered theirs to them.