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Sorcerer’s Brew

I wrote this poem before taking Ayahuasca on the first night of a six night in a row stint in Devon.

Big Business

A poem I wrote many years ago about Swine Flu which I have changed a bit to be more generic to all fake virus stories.

The Truth

A poem I wrote for the Meeting of the Clans in George Square but left before getting the chance to perform it.

Burst Their Bubble

A poem about the so-called contagious virus and how in reality it is a big pile of dog poo that does not stand up to investigation.

The Time Has Come

A poem I wrote about the current world situation.


A poem about Synergy.

Simple Explanations

A poem about the simple explanations for the increase in the chaos.


A poem about discovering I am a performance poet.

Now I Can

A poem about the things I can now do.


A poem about us all maybe getting together.