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Muiravonside Country Park

I took Emma out for a quick walk around Muiravonside Country Park while Hibernian were playing Celtic in a Cup Final.

Dundee Protest

I took my son and Emma to Dundee for what I thought was to record a music video but it turned out to be a protest too.

Glasgow Barrowland Disgrace

Sometimes I see things that I have to comment on and a post by someone running the famous Barrowland Ballroom got on my wick so I had a bit of a rant.

Logannet Power Station Chimney

We attended the demolition of the Logannet Boiler so when the announced the Chimney was to come down Emma put it in her diary as a good excuse to leave the house.

Wrongfully Dismissed – First Night Rants

I managed to get a room at The Globe Bar to perform in for the last five days of the Edinburgh Festival with the Free Fringe organisation due to someone cancelling. Here is a selection of rants from the first show.

SMAAPP – Avant Garde – 24/11/2021

David Nicoll who is a founding member of the SMAAPP Facebook Group organised another gig of artists with a conscience at the Avant Garde bar in Glasgow.

Dalgety Bay

Emma had a business meeting to attend in the area so after it was finished I took her and my son to Dalgety Bay.

Edinburgh Day Out – 27/10/21

I was attending a network business meeting in Edinburgh so I decided to take the annoying one through with me to spend some quality time with the little brat.

Ian Cognito Movie

I interviewed Ian Cognito during the Edinburgh Festival 2013 and it ended up included in a documentary about his life and death.

Emma’s 25th – Wemyss Walk

I took Emma out for her 25th Birthday to some caves on the Fife coastline.