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How Long

How Long?

I recite a poem asking how long before people wake up to the everything and start sorting shit out.
Antalya Beer Crew

Antalya Beer Crew

A poem about a night out in Antalya with my friends who I call The Antalya Beer Crew.

Yes Night

A poem I wrote about a concert I attended of the group Yes.

Your Donation

I thank you for any donation you give to me either by buying the book or just by writing me a large cheque. It's appreciated. Thanks.

The General Election

Quite a while ago William Hague ran against Tony Blair in the general election. A lot of the debate was about the pound. Here are some reflections on the election.

Search For Deeper Meaning

A poem about Searching For Deeper Meaning in life.

The Millenium (What’s it all about)

A poem to ask what this so called Millenium was all about.

Obstacles Encourage Growth

A poem about how obstacles in our life encourage us to grow. I talk about the fool on the hill and I admire the simple way of nature.

Turning The Tables

A poem about Turning the Tables.

The Dumbing Down

A poem about the Dumbing Down of society.