Blind Poetics – Open Mic – 18/11/13

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A few days after the Inky Fingers night at the Forest Cafe I set off to Edinburgh again to perform at the Blind Poetics evening at (funnily enough) The Blind Poet.

It has been a regular spoken word event in Edinburgh since early 2011 and as well as the open mic night on the second Monday of every month they also have other special events from time to time, such as the up and coming Dr Who special.

It is run and hosted by Roddy Shippin

Roddy Shippin

and Alec Beattie

Alec Beattie

…who do a fine job of booking the special guest spots, holding the evening together and performing themselves.

They also design and edit the Blind Poetics pamphlet which features the work of performers who have taken to their stage over the past 3 month period.

The atmosphere was really great in the bar with each performer being warmly received. Some of the acts I enjoyed most that evening were Wise-L Leathermonk, who performed a poem written by his very recently departed Grandmother as well as a cool song on the Ukulele.

Wise Leathermonk

I also very much enjoyed the poems of Max Scratchmann who talked about looking in the mirror and wondering who the old guy was looking back at him. Then read a poem about what he’ll do when he gets old and all the while I’m thinking ‘but you are old pal’. I think he meant ‘really’ old.  😉

However, as he is only about 10 years older than me I guess I should look in the mirror myself.

Max Scratchmann

He is taking part in an event called Poets on a Bus soon with a 3 other poets and which is run by Inky Fingers.  One of the other poets performing this time, Nicole Strachan, writes about it here.

The special guest of the evening was the wonderful Jennifer Lyn Williams who who draws you into her poems with her delicate and warm performance. She captivated the crowd with her last poem especially, which was quite long but very engaging nonetheless. Check it out in the playlist below, I loved it.

I performed a 5 minute set myself and as I got on stage I noticed a guy in the crowd with a similar look to my own so I said ‘It’s good to see another member of the Hair Bear Bunch in the audience’.

I started with Ordinary Punter as I thought this was a good poem to set up the next one which was about the death of Margaret Thatcher called ‘Is This The Time To Rejoice’.

My Hair Bear Brother came up to chat to me at the break and his name is Tom. He is studying literature at Edinburgh University and told me he has started writing many a novel. He’s hoping to finish one someday. It was his first time performing on stage since he was 12 in a school play and although he looked a bit nervous beforehand he done a good job and was also well received.

Billy and Tom aka The Hair Bear Bunch

Jem Rolls also performed and was up to his usual high standards. I had a chat with him at the start of the evening and he told me about a new night called The Accelerator which he is going to start running with Bram E Gieben who is another excellent spoken word artist.  They will do one night in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow every month and I’m sure they would certainly be worth going along to.

Because I wanted to wait to get Tom’s performance on video I had to sprint for my train, nearly giving myself a cardiac arrest in the process. As I was running for it I bumped into Aaron Wright who I had met at Bannermans the week before. He invited into the pub to join him for a pint but I couldn’t do it as time was of the essence. Thankfully I made the train.

I enjoyed the evening very much and I look forward to attending more Blind Poetic nights in the future.

Here is the playlist of most of the performances.

The Photos


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