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Drop Beat Cafe

A’ local Edinburgh poet called Craig Duffy invited me tae perform at a Caberet Show he ran called Drop Beat Cafe.

The room wiznae an easy yin tae play be any means. There wiz a big empty floor in the middle wi’ the bar at the far end and seats aroond the sides in little alcoves. So a’ had tae play tae the alcoves cause they never pit seats in the middle floor.

A’ had brought the backing track fur Suzie Hay and (No) Big Erection and a’ had telt Craig in advance ae ma plans but he forgot tae bring a cd player or there wiz some mix up somehoo, a’ cannae quite mind noo.

Luckily, or so a’ thought, there wiz a couple ae musicians in the audience whae said they would back me up.

A’ wiz called tae the stage and so a’ gave the band a shout no’ realising that it would take them 5 minutes tae set up so in the meantime a’ wiz stood there lookin’ like a richt prick.

Then the song started and tae be honest a’ blame masel cause a’ havnae a clue when a’ should be singing and when a’ shouldnae and a’ think a’ fucked up a few times and the band were trying tae keep up wi’ me.

Basically at the time a’ thought it wiz a bit ae a shambles and even though a’ wiz gonnae perform another song a’ jist decided tae sack the band there and then an’ thus try tae abdicate a’ responsibility on masel fur a shit performance. Mind yoo, lookin’ back at it, it wiznae so bad.

A’ then performed a few poems an’ left the stage wi’ ma heed held reasonably high.

Another pal ae mine called Chris shot the video and a’ thought he done a pretty guid job, especially the close up ae ma arse. Talk aboot gettin’ next tae the action.

The crowd seemed tae enjoy it and a’ got some no’ bad feedback although lookin’ back on it noo’ a’ feel like a’ should ae kicked mare arse.

The Photaes

Drop Beat Cafe

Cheers the noo


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