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A’ wiz due tae play the Edinburgh Festival in 2011 and seein’ as hoo a’ wiz stuck in a foreign country where there are absolutely nae comedy clubs whatsoever a’ contacted a guy who runs an Irish Bar aboot 20 miles fae where a live in a small toon popular wi’ Ex-pat Golfers in particular.

He took a look at ma website and agreed tae let me perform in his bar directly after a dinner which followed a golfing day which he had organised.

So basically, the room was full of shall we say the elder members of society who had nae idea that a’ wiz aboot tae turn up and start singing aboot Big Erections and Knob Extensions.

Then he’ made a fuck up wi’ the music (which is a recurring theme in ma live gigs) and instead of playing the backing tracks he played the version wi’ me singing on!!!

So a’ came on tae a room of unsuspecting grannies singing along wi’ masel.  Even a’ wondered whit the hell wiz goin’ on. So a’ had tae pull the plug on the song halfway through.

By this time a’ had lost half the room at least and focused on the yin or two tables that were showing me any interest at all and wiz daein’ reasonably well until the fucking Mosque directly ootside the pub started blasting oot the Evening Prayer tae Allah which wouldn’t have been tae bad if the doors were closed but they were wide open as the owner didnae want tae pay for AirCon electricity.

Let’s jist say it wiznae exactly the ideal preparation for performing every day fur three weeks during the Edinburgh Festival.

Again, a’ hiv put it on the site no’ cause it’s great but purely because it’s on ma hard disk and a’ am prepared tae show you warts and all footage ae the Nob.

If ye watch it, a’ hope ye enjoy watching me trying tae hold this gig taegethir. A’ ‘hink a’ jist aboot managed it.

Cheers the noo


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