Jan Robberts Interview

I saw this post by Jan on facebook and reached out to him to ask if he would like to come on the show.

6 to 11 – Bullied for being overweight – turned into a class clown to hide the internal pain.
11 to 17 – Self bullying continued and, at 16, because of all the worrying and internal stress, got a stomach ulcer.
@17 years old – Drew a line in the sand, decided to change and started to read personal development books as well as join a martial arts club (Ki Aikido)
@21 years old – Birth of my beautiful daughter – Anxiety , happiness, and responsibility. I also started to teach my martial arts.
@23 years old I became one of the youngest blackbelts in our martial arts, which brought further confidence and development. I continue to practice to this day, which has become part of my personal inner growth as this particular art is much more a way of life which positively builds you mentally, physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually.
@24 years old – Divorced and moved back home with my parents. This made me question myself a lot; Was I a failure? How could I be and remain a good dad? …much of that self-bullying was still there. Recovery is a journey, a marathon, not a sprint.
@37 years old – Death of a very dear friend which devastated me and brought me to my knees.
@47 years old, due to my continuous quest for personal growth, I discovered coaching and realized I had been coaching for several decades already. I really enjoyed the process and attended many weekly extra sessions while spending much time in hotels. I not only did the 7-month beginners course but also the intermediate and advanced courses over a 2 year period.
@50 years old – Joined the John Maxwell team in 2012 and became certified in coaching, training, speaking, and leadership development there too.
Life changing event on a transformational journey to Guatemala as part of the John Maxwell team in 2013 – I found Significance.
@51 years old – Quit my job in the oil industry. A decision made on the way home from Guatemala. Started working with Les Brown and became a Values Based Leadership specialist. (That process I first learned to facilitate in Guatemala.)
@52 years old – Started our Ki leadership Institute with a partner, Arthie Moore.
@58 years old – Married my partner and friend, Dr.Arthie Moore-Robberts.
Yes, she recently received her professional Doctorate on Diversity & Inclusion and Leadership from The Oxbridge Institute for Professionals in the UK.
@59 years old – As I am moving into my 60th year, I am still developing and staying relevant as I recently completed my 3rd coaching course.
I have always invested in myself; From those early books, which soon replaced any newspapers to the amusement of my friends and colleagues, to seminars and courses on speaking, leadership, coaching, and mindpower, as well as surrounding myself with amazing people, which include some life-long friends!
I discovered throughout the years that our mindset is a huge asset, which is often under used as people do not understand WHAT it is, HOW to develop it, or HOW to integrate it in their lives and businesses successfully.
To change, grow, or upgrade your mindset will not ever happen overnight. Yes, you might have a light-bulb moment…or two, but working on you is a marathon, not a sprint.
Over those many years, I have always spoken out about injustices at work as well as in life. I found my voice but it wasn’t always easy. By speaking my truth, I have landed in hot water on ‘several’ occasions. 
There are so many people of all ages who have a story; A much better one than mine and one that others need and deserve to hear. However, with all the fears surrounding public speaking, most are defeated before they ever start…by themselves!
Add to that any advice from well-meaning family and friends when you tell them about your purpose, your need to tell your story, and through their discouragement sadly, your voice remains silent, and your story untold.
I am here to tell you that you all have a story, which not necessarily everyone needs to hear but some do. You also have a voice. Use it for all the good you can and will do. Then delay no longer, as nobody knows how many tomorrows we still have.
You have a story. You have a voice. THIS is your time.
Contact me directly for more information about how I can become your speaker coach on: info@jrspeakersclub.com
or fill in the form on my website: www.jrspeakersclub.com

I am glad he agreed to come on the show as he was a great guest.

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