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On returning from Antalya I went for a night out at Grangemouth Tavern as some friends had told me there was a punk band called The Bermondsey Joyriders playing. I went along to check them out and the support band that night were The Media Whores. I went to see them a couple of days later at Bannermans and picked up a copy of their new album for review purposes. It has taken me a while to write this review because I don’t really consider myself a critic. I just know what I like and I like this album. The more I have played the album the more I have gotten into it, which is definitely a good indicator of a strong album.

So here is my review of the album on a song by song basis with a few links to some of the tracks so you can hear them yourself.

Affluenza – Starts of with a funky bass line. Then builds up nicely with some distorted guitar. It is a good rocking number to start the album with and has some politically charged lyrlcs also firstly stating ‘We are not greedy, we just want a living wage’ then asking the question, ‘How much is enough?’ This relates to the poor needing enough to just survive but then they look at it from the perspective of a lady with poor mental health who seems to be someone who had enough but wanted more, and ended up living beyond their means, again asking ‘How much is enough?’ Cleverly done and a catchy tune to boot.

Come On Have It – After a good rocking start, ‘Come On Have It’ gives an extra injection of energy and is catchiest song on the album that will have you singing the chorus by the end and bouncing your head up and down in agreement that you should have some fun while you’re young. However, it is actually directed to a beautiful woman who doesn’t seem to recognise the star that she is and all she has going for her. Time to lose the frown dear and The Media Whores are here to help….Come On!

Sinside My Head – Some good ‘OO-ooo-s’ to kick it off and a slowing down of tempo after the two out the gate rockers. The exact details of this song are unclear but it seems some flirting got out of hand and an officer gets involved although time appears to be running out to catch the culprit of the unnamed crime or missing person. There is an interesting mix of vocal lines going on in the song and a nice bit of lead guitar also. I also love the drum outro.

Black January – A further slowing down of tempo and a intro that reminds me of a cross between the the Pink Panther and Twin Peaks theme songs and then Craig comes in with very emotionally sung lyrics about things within families falling apart and how hard it is to live together and even questions why we do it. Good point.

Burlesque Bones – So with that nice slow tempo previous song providing a bit of a breather, the bass kicks into gear soon followed by some lead guitar in the opening of this one and we are up and running again. This one is a celebration of things to be loved about the 50’s in general, screamed out in mantra fashion with a a fast moving rhythm which carries the song along at breakneck speed which you can’t but help at least nod your head to in frantic fashion.

I’m On – Straight into another pulsating rocker which appears to be about the band taking the night train to London to play a gig and partying it up on the way, with the drummer being a drummer and ending up in the gutter. This song certainly has the feel of a frenzied brain and can help you get ON. No wonder the Cuban is tapping his heels.

Just Because – The pace doesn’t let up and this time Craig sings about a woman who evidently is not very nice to others due to her not being at peace with herself. She even broke his heart in twenty places but I still sing along to this with wild abandon and also do a bit of air guitar along to Jimbo’s solo.

Steering Wheel – To me this quite laid back number is about a ‘dude’ type character, or as it says in the song a ‘local hero’, who has a trophy girlfriend. She loves him but for him, the adoration of her physical charms has worn off and he now can’t stand to look at her at all. We’ve all been there. Lol.

King Kong – I have no idea what this song is about exactly but every time Craig sings ‘KING……..KONG’ you have to shout it out along with him while pumping your fists in the air although I get the feeling that may not be quite the appropriate response given some of the lyrics are ‘Crush the spirit and the word, this laughable, detestable, thunderbird, fear and hatred of his culture,the Scottish whisky, swirling vulture’. It is a great live tune and comes complete with scorching guitar from Jimbo and some great drum work also.

World At War – A very strong ending to the album packing a bit of political punch. It exposes the fact that although the World may seem to be at War, on a personal level the singer has no animosity to the people of the nations whom we are suppossed to be at war with. However there is a twist because he is still scared to walk down Tottenham Road at night as there is a Riot in his head. This is the effect all the madness has on us personally and so the song is a plea to end it by holding the insanity up to the light. It has a lovely marching band like outro with sirens blaring in the background. Great way to end a great album.

You can catch The Media Whores live at Bathgate on Valentine’s Day.

Media Whores Gig

You can purchase the cd of Pornophonica on Amazon and in all good music stores and also on itunes. On the cover of the CD is a photo of Burlesque star Scarlett Flame and FYI there are also some nice ones in the inlay. 😉

As an added bonus here is a new track which may well be on their next album, which they played at the first gig I attended but not the second. As they finished their set that second night I shouted out for it which drew a smile from Jimbo but alas they never had time to play it but I enjoyed it on Soundcloud and now you can too……as Bob Dylan once said to The Hawks…..PLAY FUCKİNG LOUD!

Rock On Chaps!


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