Ride & bdrmm

Despite my lack of funds I couldn't resist buying tickets to see Ride and I was also interested in checking out bdrmm because their debut album is great.

Here is a short video about bdrmm and a cool tune at the end.
I didn't want to use all my camera battery so I never recorded their full set but you'll see how good they are from the three I did record.
I left my jacket in the car as I didn't want to have it on my all night but on the way to the venue I remembered I left my wallet which I forgot had my spare battery in it.

They were doing a tour to celebrate 30 years since the release of their classic debut album, Nowhere, so they played that before the encores. When it came time to change the battery I remembered where it was and so I only got the first nine songs.
It certainly was a sonic assault for over an hour and our ears were ringing for at least a day afterwards.

We bumped into the guitarist/singer from bdrmm on the way out the venue, so I asked him for a quick photo which you can see in the slideshow.

The Photos

Ride & bdrmm

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