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Couchsurfers at Mask Bar in Antlaya

The local Antalya Branch of Couchsurfers were meeting at Mask so I went to hang out with them.

Role Street Cafe & Hostel

I was in Antalya one day when I spotted a new cafe opening up called Role Street which had a different vibe to most of the other ones that have recently opened in town.

Gelidonya (Adrasan) Lighthouse Walk

I took the family on a trip with Todosk Organisation for a walk to a lighthouse in the Adrasan region of Antalya.

Prison Exhibition

I was in the town centre the previous night and saw that the "5th Product and Handicraft Fair" organized by the Ministry of Justice Office of Workers' Office was being prepared for opening the next day, so I went along to check it out.

Antalya Day Out

I spent a day in Antalya with my wife and took some pictures of the Art and Craft Street and a couple of bars we were in, where I met a friend of mine performing in his new duo, Soul Drive.

Antalya Late Night Walk

I was at a friends house for a few beers and took some snaps that I found of interest on the way home.

Hotel Tour

The owner of the Ottoman Shoe Shop in Kaleici invited me to take a tour of a Hotel that he has just taken over so I could help promote it on this website.

Antalya Second Hand Car Market

I paid a visit to a second hand car market in a suburb of Antalya and ended up getting lots of tea and some lovely börek (pastries). I didn't buy a car though.

Antalya March 2016

On the rare occasions I leave my apartment I take my camera with me and so here are a few pictures I took in the month of March 2016.

Sefa Hamam & Lydya Carpets

I paid a visit to Sefa Hamam to give my friend Mustafa a Video that I had made for him and he introduced me to the owner of Lydya Carpets.