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Shamans Band

I was on my way to see a band I saw advertised on facebook at Simurg Arena called Shamans Band and I thought 'Hey Ho, Let's Go'. So I arranged to meet my wife and friends there and off I went.

Big Waves at Konyaalti Beach

I joined my wife and son on Konyaaltı Beach so that I could bear witness to the big waves and give them some pleasure at being with me outside and away from the computer screen.

December 2015 Mix

I take random photos as I walk around the town and so I have commented on a few of them and gave you the rest to view in a slideshow.

Xmas Eve Party

I hadn't performed comedy in a while and so as the people at Coffee Soul seemed quite friendly I advertised a show there hoping that some Expats would turn up as well as some people from the Public Speaking group I was attending

Witch House Cafe Fun

I was invited by the owner of Witch House Cafe to come along on a Sunday morning with my family and entertain the family and children while they were eating their breakfast. Seemed like a good idea to me so we made it happen.

Star Wars in Migros Antalya

The latest Star Wars movie was on in the cinema and my son demanded to be taken there so I had to pay for him, myself and my wife to go...obviously she wasn't going to miss out on some free cinema.

Antalya Aquarium Day Out

I took my son along to Antalya Aquarium but did not take him into Snow World section as the 2 for 1 tickets did not apply. Yep, I'm Scottish alright.

Sefa Hamam Visit

I had taken my wife to Sefa Hamam in Kaleici old town before but as we hadn't been for a while I decided to take her along and visit my friend Mustafa.

Brians House Party

I attended a house party, well more of a gathering of friends but as I don't get out much these days it seemed like a big party to me.

Flamenco Dancer at Witch House Cafe, Antalya

My wife had hired a Flamenco Dancer's costume for a fancy dress party and wanted to get her money's worth by going to another bar so I could take some photos make a video of her dancing. Who was I to argue?