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Anti-Hoot with Lach

Lach’s Anti-Hoot – 3/2/14

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I went along to Lach's Anti-hoot and recorded some of the performers including Calvin Arsenio and Harvey War Banger.

Footlights Bar – 2/2/14

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A gig I performed at Footlights Bar which had about 4 audience members.

Pandamonium Comedy 27/1/14

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I went to Rory McAlpine's Pandamonium Comedy night at Caberet Voltaire in Edinburgh where Paul McDougall was the MC and Scott Jeffery the headliner.
Anti Hoot Friends

Lach’s Anti-hoot 20/1/14

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Videos of the performers at Lach's Anti-hoot in Henyr's Cellar Bar on the 20th January, including Danny Mullins, Candythief and Greame Mearns.
Footlights Gig

Footlights Bar 19/1/14

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Rory McAlpine hosts another great night of comedy at Footlights Bar in Edinburgh.
Anti Hoot 13 Jan 2014

Lach’s Anti-Hoot 13/1/14

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I went along to the first of the new series of Lach's Anti-Hoot 500 where Henry's Cellar Bar will be giving away prize money to the best open mic spots.
Footlights Bar Gig

Footlights Bar Gig – 12/1/14

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Rory McAlpine hosted another fine evening of comedy at Footlights Bar in Edinburgh. Paul McDougall, Nob Stewart and Daisy Earl were some of the performers.
Vespbar Virgins

Vespbar Virgins Gig – 26/12/13

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I went along to Vespbar Virgins comedy night in Glasgow to perform a comedy spot for Graham Barrie who runs the gig. I enjoyed it a lot and even got away with Old Firm banter.
Glasgow Slam

Glasgow Poetry Slam

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I went along to the Glasgow Poetry Slam run by Robin Cairns at a pub called The Vale, which sits beside Queen Street Station. Here are some highlights from the evening.
Anti Hoot December 9 2014

Lach’s Anti-Hoot 9/12/13

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I went along to Henry's Cellar Bar yet again to watch some more great acts perform on Lach's Open Mic Stage.