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Robert Sproule Interview

Robert Sproul has been involved in fighting the legal system for over 10 years. He has a facebook group and youtube channel called Anti-Corruption Scotland and I had been keen to get him on the show for quite some time so was very happy to get him on eventually.

Aaron Wright Interview

Aaron Wright is a singer/songwriter from Edinburgh who I stumbled upon one night in Bannermans pub in the Cowgate area playing an ace version of Maggie May.

Andy McGovern Interview

Andy McGovern does a lot of great work in helping to organise events with the Unite For Truth group and he also gives a platform for people to talk about the world from their perspective with his Local Voices youtube channel.

Joseph Atwill Interviews

Joseph Atwill is the author of Caesar's Messiah which is about the Flavian Caesar's creation of the Gospels to pacify a Jewish sect.

Murray Ofthefamily Phillips Interviews

I invited Murray Ofthefamily Phillips on the show to talk about his work with the George Square posse and his knowledge of the legal name fraud and how he is using his knowledge to not pay unjust fines.
Steve Walker

Steve Walker Interview

Steve Walker came on the show to tell us all about survival basics which I certainly need to learn and I am sure the more people know the better.
John Carroll

John Carroll Interviews

A previous guest on the show had mentioned that who was commenting on my livestream, has his own channel. I checked it out and invited him on for a chat.

Tom Barnett Interview

A friend of mine put me in touch with Tom Barnett and he was happy to come on for a chat about health and life in general.

Donnie Wozman Interview

Donnie contacted me after watching my David Icke interview and asked to be a guest on my show. I was happy to oblige.

Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald was watching my show and got in contact with me. He said he was a Biblical scholar and showed me some links to his writing and videos on various sites such as his Bitchute channel Scream It From The Mountain.