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Video Blog – 28/6/18 – Part 2

I was at the Restaurant and the England V Belgium game was on so I didn't have to DJ. I went around the tables talking to guests and had an interesting chat with Eric.

Video Blog – 26/6/18

On the walk home I got my video camera out to record my inane ramblings.

Video Blog – 23/6/18

Another night working in the Didim Restaurant and so that means another video blog ramble on the way home.

Video Blog – 22/6/18

So I have moved to another part of Turkey and have started a Membership section of my website for Video Blogs. Hence, I have started to do them again regularly. Come on in and see what I am blabbing about.

Video Blog – 21/6/18

I am currently in Didim, Turkey. Here is my latest video blog.

Mad Boys Gig

While in Hisarönü I performed a gig to about 6 people in a bar called Mad Boys.

Topkapı Restaurant – Trial Gig

I came to this Restaurant to do a trial gig and they promised to have it all set up properly for me to perform. Instead I got thrown into a situation where I had to perform to people eating their dinner. Tough gig.

Video Blog – 9/4/18

I had caught some sort of Virus from Hell, either from drinking dodgy water, eating aged soup, being blasted from computer radiation and maybe from the bugs in the Chemtrails....who knows, but it felt like shit.

Video Blog – 3/4/18

I upset a young girl by talking about the Flat Earth and how the Moon gives off it's own light and so when the electricity went off I started filming the Moon to talk about it.

VBlog – River Road – 29/3/18

It had been raining all night but I did get a bit of a shock when I opened the curtains to see River Road had returned.