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Get Up and Go! Tours – Saklikent Gorge

I booked up a trip with Get Up and Go Travel Agency to Saklikent Gorge and took my wife there on our Honeymoon. Who says that Scottish men are not romantic?

Shaman’s Band – Ooljee Bar 2

I went back to Ooljee Bar to see Shaman's Band again.

Shaman’s Band in Ooljee Bar

I went along to see Shaman's Band play at Ooljee Bar and ended up on stage with them.

Xmas and New Year 2017

I took my family to Migros Shopping centre around Xmas time and then took my wife to a Coffee Shop for a 'wild and crazy' New Year.

Antalya Ceramics

Aynur has been going to a free Ceramic government run course in the Liman area of Antalya for a number of weeks and I went along to the workshop to pick up some of her creations to take them home.

AE Music Antalya

My friend Akin runs AE Music School and so once I figured out how the hell to find it I took my son along to try and get him interested in actually playing the Guitars I have purchased for him.

Migrants Day in Ankara

Following on from the Antalya Mudur Tour where I managed to get my son a Residence permit by doing a tour of the head officials in Antalya with my Kilt on, I was then invited to go to Ankara for the official Migrants day celebrations in Turkey.

St. Paul Xmas Fair 2016

As it was approaching Xmas and since I have never put up a tree or even given my son a Xmas present in all the time I have been here to alleviate my non-existent guilt at not being a good Dad I took my son to the St Pauls Xmas Fair.

Antalya Town Centre Day Out

My son wanted entertained so I had to take him to Antalya to cater for his needs. We met my friend Roar and then went to Sefa Hamam, Rokka, AE Music and Turqujazz Studios.

Antalya Mudur Tour

As part of the promotion of Migrants Day in Turkey I was invited to don my Kilt and take a tour of Antalya to meet some of the top officials for a chat and a çay.