The Liars

I was booked to do a house gig in Glasgow on Saturday because the lady felt sorry for me being banned from every comedy club in Scotland.

On Friday night about an hour before I was due to interview Sarah Jane Smith, I was thinking about Dawn Lester and David Parker's Scottish talks and thought it would be nice to have a song to sing along to at it.

I had the idea of using The Gambler for a cover of some sort for a while, so I came up with the opening line and got most of it out before it was time for the interview.

I had to much around with the backing track to add an extra verse in as I didn't think it was finished after the fifth. I think I done a pretty good job of stitching it together, even if I say so myself.

It turns out that out of the four that booked, two cancelled on Saturday morning and so the gig was pulled. Shame, I was going to give this song its first public airing at it. Guess I'll just have to remain an unwanted hermit for a while longer.
In March twenty twenty
They told us aboot a virus
Said it wiz spreadin' fast
An' we would soon be deed
The public started shittin'
Their poor wee scardy cat knickers
A' prefered tae dae some research
Tae see whit a' could find

So a' opened up the youtube
Saw a video by Richie fae Boston
He wiz talkin' tae a lovely pair
Their names were Dawn and David
They were sayin' there wiznae any
Evidence ae a virus
The government were makin' it up
So we could aw get jabbed

Noo at the point in the story
They werenae mentionin' the poison
D & D jist kent the script
Ae where it wiz goin' tae go
They had studied the history
Ae previous scamdemics
They both kent ye cannae catch
Su'hin that doesnae exist

Ye got tae ken when they're lyin'
Ken when their tryin'
Ken when their lips are movin'
They are talkin' shite
Never trust a smarmy cunt
Whae tells lies fur a livin'
That applies tae aw the scum
Cause the systems based in fraud

Not every doctor kens
The deceptions ae virology
They still trust their indoctorination
Tae tell them whit tae 'hink
Some broke oot the cult
When they realised they were killers
An' noo they are exposin'
The lies tae aw the sheep

An' noo it is up tae you
Whit are ye goin' tae do
Wi' this new information
That kin wake ye up fae sleep?
When will ye tae take yer heed
Fae deep inside yer rectum
An' hold the pricks accountable
Then leave them in a heap?

Fur the future is quite certain
If we follow their despotic plan
We will aw become part robot
An' we kin say goodbye tae man
Is that the wurld ye want
Tae be part ae creatin'?
Are ye goin' tae make a stand
Or let their lies be dominatin'?

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