A’ hear the siren wailin’, they’ve come tae tak ma friend
He lined up fur a convid shot an’ noo his life will end
He has begun tae realise, he made a fatal boob
But the poison keeps a’ flowin’, no’ dain’ any good

He used tae say a’m crazy, a’ believe in conspiracy
Noo he kens we are goy as he’s got the constant runs
He took the shot intraveno, an’ noo he’s goin’ tae die
When his fuw time whistle blows, a’ll say a sad guidbye

Well noo honest people
Whit are ye goin’ tae doo?
The time has come fur answers
Fae oor chosen few
When will they be exposed
Fur the crimes they’ve done?
They telt everyyin tae get jabbed
An’ noo they’re on the run

A’ wish he’d stopped his bamblin’, an’ listen tae whit a’ said
He’d nae doobt be alive noo, instead ae fuckin’ dead
Well a’ guess he had it comin’, actin’ so silly
If ye’re gonnae trust the government, yer playin’ a lot’ery

Well noo naieve people
Whit are ye goin’ tae doo?
When will ye ask the questions
Tae oor motley crew?
Ye cannae tell me they arnae
Aware ae whit they’ve done
Cause that wiz the plan aw alang
Richt fae the startin’ gun

We live in a fictional prison, trained tae toe the line
A’ must ae escaped that plight when a’ realised ma mind wiz mine
Far fae TV prison, is a healthy place tae stay
If yer sick fae bein’ programmed, get ootside an’ play