Burst Their Bubble

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Some people claim there’s a virus going round
But their ignorant minds aren’t totally sound
They believe their sickly politicians lies
Very soon though, they’ll say their goodbyes

Cause they’ve volunteered for a poison dart
Now I practically shit myself when they fart
Not that I think anything’s shedding
It’s just they smell like an Ogre’s bedding

Perhaps the stench was caused by the jab
Cause hydrogen sulphate was added in the lab
Whatever the cause one thing is sure
I’d personally rather inject Horse Manure

I do not trust Bill Gates and Big Pharma
I just hope one day they answer to their Karma
Cause already many who have volunteered
Have endured a fate worse than what they feared

They thought dead cell debris could cause them harm
So they took a toxic shot in their sacrificial arm
Now many are getting all kinds of strange reactions
But only they are responsible for their actions

The so-called vaccination is a spiritual IQ test
If you take it you have failed the Godly quest
You got hooked in by Satan’s lies and deceptions
Allowing him to form your freewill perceptions

By choosing to live in fear and not choosing life
The consequences for your health will be rife
You thought anti-bodies form to protect you from disease
But you can’t catch anything from anybody’s sneeze

All you have done is gave your body work to do
To try and eject out the Mad Scientists brew
They are all pleased as it increases their wealth
But in no way is the shot good for your health

We have been told lies for a very long time
How on earth they get away with it, is a crime
Pasteur’s Germ Theory has never once been proved
Don’t look for the goalposts for they have been moved

The lie is so big that many just can’t stand
To look it in the eye and so they take their brand
Like cattle queuing up for the slaughter house
The animals are forced but people go like a mouse

They got an offer through the door in a NHS letter
It said COVID-19 was real but I’m sure they know better
If I can figure out that our so-called Government lied
Well then I’m sure the NHS know they are enabling genocide

We’ve been trained to think of Nurses as selfless heroes
But for their dance routines I’d give them all zeroes
They do nothing more than go along with the program
If you dare to question it, their toys fly out their pram

Some of them know that something ain’t quite right
But they’ll avoid the truth will all of their might
They continue to believe in the myth of contagion
So when they whistle-blow, I have to hold my rage in

They need to realise their whole profession is a scam
And people like Hankcock and Whittey are a total sham
They are in it only to profit from keeping people ill
It is they who should be shot, so we see their blood spill

But in the meantime the doctors and nurses are complicit
In any adverse reactions that the poison jabs do elicit
They call them side effects but to me that is semantics
They are just the effects of going along with Satan’s antics

Let me be clear so we can sort this out once and for all
You cannot catch a disease Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall
When you get ill it is because of your internal condition
Perhaps if you eat a plant based diet you’ll go into remission

We all need to be responsible for the food that we eat
Look on the labels and research, then you’ll start to greet
If we used ours brains we would clear the world of toxicity
And turn off the nightly news to escape their duplicity

This would help us get our thoughts back into gear
We would flourish with hope as we gradually lose the fear
People wouldn’t need to pay regular visits to their Quack
Taking their toxic pills ain’t much better than injecting Smack

So please let’s start to use our fast fading common sense
Remove those fucking masks and stop acting so patently dense
Let’s hope that the shots already given do not do their worst
And pray that the Codex Alimentarius bubble has finally burst

Then we can hold to account all those who are responsible
For going ahead with the deception, thinking they’re laudable
They will find out there are consequences for every action
I would look forward to hearing their grovelling retraction

For I sometimes think I am the one who has lost the plot
Why can’t everyone see this virus is something that it’s not?
The Government say it’s deadly but it really couldn’t harm a fly
And if we don’t wake up soon then I guess the end is nigh

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