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Sarah Jane Smith Interview

Sarah is a qualified Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist and has qualifications with two different bodies. Beyond Quantum Healing and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

Pete Stone (The Sovereign Project) Interview

I have looked into many different people talking about law ever since I found out about the Birth Certificate fraud but I think none have been as practical as the information on Pete Stone's site, The Sovereign Project.

Fiona Shakeela Burns Interview

I met Fiona 10 years ago in a shamanic workshop given by Peter Aziz in Devon. She saw my David Icke interview and reached out to me so that she could tell the story of how her Dad was treated in a care home.

The Daily Chaos Show

I was in the chat area of Wake Up Uk site and the guy who runs in invited me to join the show so before I knew it I was live on the Dave Witcher Show.

Colin Higgins Interview

I had met Colin Higgins a few times on the comedy circuit and always got on well with him so I asked him on the show for a chat about his upbringing and how he got into comedy.

Iain Tough Interview

I met Iain at the SMAAPP evening in Glasgow last week and we decided we should be on each other shows.

Alison L Lowther Interview

I chat with Alison who is a writer and healer and also a friend.

Dawn Lester & David Parker Interviews

I interview Dawn Lester and David Parker who the authors of the amazing book What Really Makes You Ill.

SoarAlba Guseany Interview

I interview Sean who went viral back in 2011 with his videos of dealing with Traffic Police in Scotland.

Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Tom Cowan Interview

I asked Andrew for a follow up Interview, in particular to talk about the True Healing Conference he was organising and he asked if I would like Tom to join us. Well, of course I would.