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Wrongfully Dismissed – First Night Rants

I managed to get a room at The Globe Bar to perform in for the last five days of the Edinburgh Festival with the Free Fringe organisation due to someone cancelling. Here is a selection of rants from the first show.

Piston Broke 3 – 2/10/21

by Billy Watson TV
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The 3rd Piston Broke gathering which to be fair wasn't that much as 8 cancelled due to the weather. Pussies.

Piston Broke 2 – 10/9/21

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Emma and I return to Dundee for the 2nd Piston Broke gathering.

Piston Broke – Dundee Gig

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Steven Magners hosted a Piston Broke gig in his hometown of Dundee and invited me along to perform. Here are a few of the acts from that evening including Mark Richardson and Moira Brown.

Saltire Open Mic

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I used to frequent the Saltire Open Mic night in Livingstone before the big shakedown. They hosted an online version and so I thought I'd catch up with the auld crew.

Perth Street Poetry

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I went back to Perth one week after speaking at the Awakening Scotland event to perform in a Street Poetry event ran by Ran Marathon.

The Ice Box Open Mic – 2/6/19

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Singer Songwriter Petra runs a fabulous open mic night at The Ice Box in Glasgow and I went along to check it out.

Cheeky Besoms

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Since I returned from Turkey back to Scotland I had performed a few gigs as Nob Stewart including one at Cheeky Besoms. However, I felt just being myself would be more appropriate so I went back with the tamer version of my good self.

North Star Open Mic

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I went along to Falkirk's main open mic night which is on at North Star.

Rotunda Gong Show

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I went along to take part in another Gong Show which I vowed to myself I would never do again. I should have listened to myself.