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Sonnet Youth – 14/3/19

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I went to the South Side of Glasgow to perform in Sonnet Youth Scratch, which is a new material night.

Bad Apple Comedy

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I managed to get a spot on Bad Apple Comedy Club which is run by Graeme Lees and held at Monty's Bar in Dunfermline.


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Nob Stewart asked for a spot at a unique kind of comedy night called Chunks and so he duly went along to perform for 3 whole minutes.

Barbara Birthday Gig

I attempted one more gig in Didim but after one poem I realised it was not my crowd and pulled the plug on gigs in Turkey forever.

Birthday Gig – 30/8/14

I performed a gig in King Bar in Antalya on my birthday.

Anti-Hoot – 2 June 2014

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I went along to for another night of Lach's Anti-Hoot at Henry's Cellar Bar in Edinburgh and after my set, I filmed quite a few of the other acts from the evening.

Anti-Hoot Gone Wrong! – 2/6/14

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I went along to Lach's Anti-Hoot at Henry's Cellar Bar with some material which I thought may be a bit hard to put over but it went ok in Glasgow so I was hoping for the best.
Henrys Cellar Bar

Henry’s Cellar Bar 28/5/14

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I went along to Henry's Cellar Bar to watch the Early Caberet and then witnessing Elyssa Vulpes, Black City Lights and The Violent Mood Swings.

Little Bit of Theatre

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I went along to The Roxy in Glasgow to perform some poetry at Marta Adamowicz's monthly event.

Moriarty Bar & Footlights Bar Gigs – 4/5/14

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I went to Edinburgh on a Sunday evening to perform at Moriarty Bar before going around the corner to watch more comedy at Footlights Bar.