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Justin Moorhouse Interview

I interview the comedian Justin Moorhouse and talk about his upcoming tour.
Steven D.Kelley Interview

Steven D.Kelley Interview

I interview Steven D.Kelley who is the author of a book called Lasers, Cavers and Magic. We discuss aliens, underground bases and the 2012 phenomenon.

Peter Aziz Interviews

I interview the Shaman Peter Aziz about his various techniques and methods he uses to heal himself and others.
Robert Knox Interview

Robert Knox Interview – Author of Magnetic Fields

I interview Robert Knox who, as well as being a friend of mine, is also an author.
Kate Copstick Interview

Kate Copstick Interview

I interview the Scotsman comedy reviewer Kate Copstick about Cockgate, the Fringe as well as her Kenyan Charity, Mama Biashra.

Kieran Butler Interview

Kieran contacted me by email when he saw Nob Stewart ranting at Absolute Arsehole on the old Chortle forum. We met at the Edinburgh Festival not long after and have remained friends since.

The Barefoot Doctor

Back around 2006, I interviewed Stephen Russell who was otherwise known as The The Barefoot Doctor at his home in London.