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Dunmore House

I took Emma out for her monthly walk to a local abandoned house at Dunmore Park.

Bo’ness Boatyard Walk

I took Emma for a walk to the local Boatyard.

Pineapple Ruins Trip

We went back to the Pineapple to visit the ruins.

Palnackie Visit

I got invited by Tim to visit his gaff in Dumfries and stay on his friends Tall Boat for the evening.

Exhaust-ing Day Out

I take Emma for a walk around Falkirk as we wait for my car to get a new exhaust.

Kinneil House

Despite living in Bo'ness for over 2 years I had never visited Kinneil House even though Emma had been itching to go for a while. I couldn't resist her pleas any longer and eventually took her there for her monthly stroll.

Longannet Blow Up

The Boiler of a local Power Station was getting demolished so we stood the other side of the river to capture it fall but didn't quite catch the start

Bo’ness Lagoon Trip

Emma and I heard about a Lagoon in the local area so we took a trip to check it out.

Falkirk Day Out – 8/1/21

I had to take my car in for an M.O.T so instead of going back home for 6 hours I decided that Emma and I would hang around Falkirk for the the goddam cold.

Collinton Tunnel

Emma told me about how an old Railway Tunnel has been turned into a piece of art with lots of murals on the inside of it so we went along in order for me to get my photo taken.