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Nob Stewart at Anti Hoot

Lach’s Anti-Hoot 500! – 13/1/14

Nob Stewart pays another visit to Lach's Anti-hoot at Henry's Cellar Bar.
Footlights Bar

Footlights Bar – 12/1/14

Nob Stewart got invited back to perform at Footlights Bar again, there's a first. This time he performed sober and finished his set by reciting Porn Addict.
Glasgow Slam

Glasgow Slam 13/12/13

Nob Stewart went through to Glasgow to take part in a poetry Slam event organised by Robin Cairns. He didn't win as the judges were stuck up twats.
Nob with Spanish Chicks

Lach’s Anti-Hoot 9/12/13

Nob Stewart went along to Lach's Anti-Hoot in Henry's Cellar Bar to do an 8 minute open spot. He performed Times Are Evolving and Porn Addict.

Footlights Bar Gig 8/12/13

Nob Stewart performed a comedy gig at Footlights Bar in Edinburgh. He got stoned before going on stage and recited 3 poems to make up for his lack of jokes.
Anti-hoot Dec 2

Lach’s Anti-Hoot 2/12/13

Nob Stewart went along to Footlights Bar in Edinburgh to perform a gig but no audience turned up. He then went along to Lach's Anti-Hoot and performed there
Nob at Anti-hoot Nov 18

Lach’s Anti-Hoot Open Mic – 18/11/13

Nob ;Stewart blogs about the night he performed the poems Rock Star and Porn Addict at Lach's Anti-Hoot Open Mic Night at Henry's Cellar in Edinburgh.
Leyla's Party Gig

Leylas Birthday Party

Nob Stewart performs a poem and a song at his friend Leyla's Birthday Party in Antalya. There were mainly Turkish people in the crowd so it was a challenge.

Flip 15 Caberet Competition

Aftir a' got tae the final ae the Stars in the Bar competition a' thought a' would enter anither yin tae see if it wiz jist a fluke or not.
Irish Bar Gig

Irish Bar Gig

Nob Stewart performed at a bar in Belek in Antalya, Turkey.