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Barry Nicoll Interviews

I talk to Barry Nicol about his time in the Army and the effects of PTSD and how he turned his life around with Reiki, NLP and his art.

Mark Steele Interview

I interview Mark Steele of Save Us Now about the effect of 5G Towers and the damage they can do.

Oliver Pissed Interview

I interview Oliver Pissed, the man behind The Clusterfuck Circus.

Tubz Interviews

I interview the comedian known as Tubz.
Joe Hoare Interview

Joe Hoare (The Laughing Yogi) Interview

I interview Joe Hoare who is also known as The Laughing Yogi. He is an intuitive healer and author of a book co-written with the Barefoot Doctor. He also formed the Bristol Laughing Club.

Steve Light Interview

I interview Steve Light who suffered from Social Anxiety and now runs an organisation to help others overcome the same problem.
Patrick Monahan Interview

Patrick Monahan Interview

I interview the Winner of ITV's Show Me The Funny which was the biggest comedy competition ever on British Television.

Paul Daniels Interview

I interview the comedic magician Paul Daniels about his work and life in general.
Doug Segal Interview

Doug Segal Interview

I interview Doug Segal before he embarks on a Nationwide Tour with his new show.
Kam Birdee Interview

Kam Birdee Interview

I interview my good friend Kam Birdee. She is a Well Being Consultant who uses different therapies to heal people. She also helps with public speaking and finding your life purpose.